T-Rex Superbike, 3-Wheel Street Racer

T-Rex superbike, 3-wheel street racer

Come check out Cycle Pros Salvages' awesome T-Rex 3-wheel superbike at its Route 18, Bridgewater, MA, location.

The T-Rex 3-Wheeler is usually classified as a motorcycle, but this radical street racer handles more like a sportscar. The T-Rex has a large, sophisticated rear suspension system that gives it superior road handling and cornering. Its 1200cc superbike engine can go from 0-60 mph in an incredible 4.1 seconds. Also, the T-Rex boasts a top speed of 140 mph!

See this T-Rex at our shop in Bridgewater, MA

Cycle Pros Salvage T-Rex Slide Show

The T-Rex chassis features a multi-tubular steel roll cage for maximum protection, and the glass-fiber reinforced plastic body contains a carbon fiber windscreen and headrest. The driving position, the angle of the steering wheel, and the suspension make this 3-wheeler respond like a car, while a wide front track and a balanced geometry give T-Rex drivers extraordinary control.

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T-Rex 3-Wheel street racer, Bridgewater, MA